Video Conferencing: What You Need To Know and How To Make Board Meetings

Video conferencing provides a business opportunity to hold meetings and negotiations regardless of distance. This article will explain how such technology improves business collaboration and the role of video conferencing tools in organizing board meetings. 

Video conferencing – a communication tool for modern companies

Companies must improve efficiency and productivity to run their business successfully and continuously. Thanks to video conferencing tools, it is much more convenient to hold meetings, round tables, press conferences, presentations, etc. It is a well-known fact that the perception of information increases several times when, in addition to auditory memory, visual memory is also involved. That is why additional visualization simplifies the holding of various business events and improves their quality. Video conferencing helps to create the effect of presence due to high-quality images.

With the help of video conferencing, communication between business circles worldwide is simplified. According to, it is the next step towards the globalization of business, as video conferencing is a kind of catalyst for the integration of the business into the global business community. Moreover, being in an office in one country, you can easily control the situation inside branches even on another continent, and always be aware of important events.

The conference service, like the boardroom, greatly simplifies the process of solving work issues, especially if the specialists involved are located in different cities. In addition, joining a conference helps you quickly discuss without lengthy e-mail correspondence.

Video conferencing in conveying online board meetings

Organizing board meetings with the help of video conferencing tools involves many benefits:

  • Reduced travel and administrative costs 

The collection, classification, and accounting of reporting documents are also expenses that few people take into account but represent a huge layer of hidden fees for organizations. Reducing travel costs is one of the key benefits of videoconferencing in businesses. Thanks to this video format, it is possible to reduce the cost of booking hotels, paying for conference rooms, and maintaining other means of communication. You can also reduce the time for the trips themselves, especially to other countries.

  • Enhanced performance

A well-chosen tool affects the quality of the work performed, thus improving the results achieved by the team. For example, board members implementing a video conferencing system can contact each other anytime and anywhere, even within the same institution, which reduces the time for discussion, coordination, and implementation of many actions that require consultation or expert support. It makes decision-making and other working moments much faster and more efficient.

  • Improved communication

Video conferencing can successfully replace regular board meetings and make it easier for employees to communicate orders from senior executives. This video communication also improves the company’s connection with people working outside the office. Thanks to this, employees feel like a part of the organization working remotely, not cut off from it – this positively affects their loyalty to the employer.

  • Negotiation control

The ability to record all conversations during a conference allows you to save important information so that you can use it later in your work. For example, the manager can listen to his employees’ meetings in his absence.

So, the video format of board communication, videoconferencing as a means of intra-corporate communications and external communications, is already a reality; it is modern and very promising.